Autumn Lane ​Equestrian Center


Breathtaking Outdoor Riding Arenas

We are pleased to announce the addition of a second lit outdoor riding arena! One arena will be set up with a deeper sand footing to accommodate our speed and gaming riders. This arena will have useful tools such as barrels, poles, flags, and trot polls. Our additional arena is to accommodate our English riders and jumpers! This arena has a shallower sand footing and jumps that do not have to be taken up and down after each use. We guarantee that the size of both arenas will take your breath away!

Beautiful Indoor Riding Arena

Since we have opened in the fall of 2011 we have made many changes including the addition of a beautiful new indoor riding arena. After hours of research we discovered that the best footing available is a mixture of quality sand and certified rubber mulch. We are proud to announce that we have installed this mixture of footing into our well lit, insulated and heated riding arena. 

Lush Grass Turn Out Pastures

We are very proud of our pastures here at Autumn Lane. We ensure that each of our pastures are managed properly to retain the highest level of nutrients possible year round. In order to properly maintain our pastures the horses are rotated for even grazing, individually dragged weekly, re-seeded and fertilized yearly, and samples are sent out to be analyzed throughout the year. 

Oversize Stalls

Our stalls were designed to hold mares with foals by their sides which makes them the largest and safest stalls in the area. We offer either 18x12 ft stalls or 20x12 ft stalls. They each have gossip gates that face inward to the isle so horses are able to feel less confined and interact with ease, as well as a window or dutch door facing outward. 

Gorgeous Grounds

Here at Autumn Lane we are dedicated to providing a clean, welcoming environment for both you and your horse to be able to enjoy each day. Our barns are kept clear of all debris to provide easy access to all of our amenities at all times.